My name is John Shin and I hail from Brentwood, Tennessee.  I was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee on May 26, 1991 and moved to Brentwood at twelve years of age.  My heritage is Korean, however, being born in the United States, I do not identify as particularly nationalist to my motherland.  I generally characterize myself as being and American, as cliché as that may seem. 

            I have two sisters, Pearl who is older, and Susan who is younger. We are all one year apart and constantly argue on who was the mistake, as no couple in their right minds would attempt to conceive three children in a row.  God bless my parents, however, as my sisters have very much shaped the person that I have grown to become.  Pearl is currently a senior at Boston College and plans to graduate with a degree in communications and a minor in art history at the end of this semester.  Susan is a freshman at UT and does not know what she is to do with her short time here on earth.  However, I do hope that she will continue to explore many possibilities of career choices, as I know she is very much capable of excelling at much of what she attempts.

            As for what shaped my interest in the realm of design and architecture, we go back to my primary education.  I attended Brentwood High School for four years where I took art classes for many years under the tutelage of Barbara Bullard, whom I visit quite frequently when back home.  What she has taught me increased my capacity for excellence in design and composition and I truly hold her in high esteem for her hand in my love for art.  She pushed me to levels of artistic achievement that I never thought I could achieve which allowed me to win many awards for my art, including an exhibition for a piece I completed that travelled to many major museums across the United States.

            Alas, at this time I never considered applying for a place in the architecture program and instead chose to delve into the bore of engineering.  Perhaps it was my innate desire to create beauty through design or some internal voice telling me but after my sophomore year at UT, I applied for the architecture program and now, as a Junior I am in my first year of architecture and do not regret that decision one bit.  This education seems unconventional as compared to my previous twenty years of schooling experience.  I spend many nights a week contained within this concrete monolith and love every second. 

            As for some random facts about myself, I am an avid tennis player and have been for ten years.  I also secretly have an undying passion for acting, which has allowed me to be on a handful of sets as an extra.  I plan to double major in business as well and hopefully will be able to minor in French if scheduling works out as planned.  Another secret passion of mine is fashion, and finally, I am wholeheartedly prepared to tackle the cyclical stress that awaits me around every corner in the form of studies, models, and diagrams.

Canvas  by  andbamnan