hildhood seems so distant now, as opposed to the everyday mindless self-indulgence of young adulthood.  Not much can be remembered from years past; however, the sense of innocence and carefree passion is always reminiscent whenever thought is placed upon those years.  We were young explorers, like Lewis and Clark, trudging through the marshy woods, examining every small insect and breathing in the warm summer air.  We begrudgingly would walk home with faces smeared with mud and knees crusted with dried blood from the tumbles we took down mammoth hills of dirt and stone as the pink sun sank below the horizon. We became astronauts lost on a distant planet, superheroes fighting for the good of humanity, and magicians casting spells upon the evil forces of the world.  Those were the carefree days for which I so longingly reminisce. 

            Those days used to blend with each other, knowing that a new adventure would unfold before us the next afternoon.  The days of adulthood also seem to blend, however, in a way that is not to be looked forward to.  These days seem to be in a constant state of monotony, with schedules and due dates.  There is never the mysteriousness present that used to let my childhood self excited to wake up every morning; there are no new adventures to behold.  To where did this sense of spritely innocence disappear?  I long for the days where problems of adulthood never tainted my sense of pure joy and innocence. 

            Though those days are gone, growing up seems to be a new adventure in itself.  And while my childlike sense of imagination is gone, it seems to still be somewhere deep down inside me.  Perhaps it has not completely disappeared, but grown as the way my mind and body has.  Perhaps it has evolved to adapt along with the social norms of becoming an adult.  My creative outlet has been shaped by my childhood and I can call upon those memories to help me in my design of the built environment.  They influence what is done.  Though I never know why I do some things that I do, there is that intangible force pushing me in a certain direction.  My childhood will always be within me.

Canvas  by  andbamnan